All your plans to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day with your special someone are going well except for one pesky problem.

That strange odor in your mouth you’ve noticed lately just isn’t going away no matter how well you’re brushing your teeth or how often you’re rinsing with mouthwash and popping breath mints.

You definitely want to visit your Clinton Township dentist to get to the bottom of your persistent bad breath before your big date!

Here are three possible causes of halitosis and what we can do to help:

1 – DIET

Are you eating a lot of smelly, spicy foods lately like onions, garlic, or fish? This would be the most obvious culprit of your bad breath, and the solution is simple. We can talk to you about changes you can make to your daily diet that may help resolve the issue.


If your mouth has been sticky and dry lately, you may not be getting enough water each day. Hydration is essential to your oral and overall health, and specifically, saliva production needs to be at a healthy level so it can coat your teeth and fight oral bacteria. Dry mouth can also be a red flag of developing gum disease.


Chronic bad breath that doesn’t seem to improve with proper oral hygiene, mouthwash, or mints may be a sign that gum disease is taking hold in your mouth. Dental plaque isn’t just malodorous, but it’s dangerous to your oral health and puts you at risk for tooth loss and all sorts of serious health problems.

We’ll help you bounce back so you’ll have fresher breath and a healthier smile for your sweetheart!

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