The holidays are a great time for catching up with old friends and making new friends too. So you’ll want your smile to look its best! At Dobry Dental, we offer several treatments that can help your smile shine in time for the festivities later this month. 

We can:

  • Use Veneers for a Big Transformation – Using custom-made porcelain veneers, you can change the color, shape, and/or size of teeth. Veneers are sometimes called “instant orthodontics” for their ability to correct certain minor orthodontic issues like small gaps and slightly crooked teeth. They can also conceal chips, stains, misshapen teeth, and other flaws. Two visits is usually enough for your veneers treatment. 
  • Hide Flaws With a Bonding Treatment – Bonding, a treatment where we’ll apply tooth-colored composite to your teeth, can be used to hide some of the same imperfections as veneers. It’s often possible to complete a bonding treatment in just one visit. However, it won’t work as well as veneers in some instances. 
  • Take Teeth From Dull to Dazzling With Pro Whitening – A professional whitening treatment is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your smile a beautiful boost. We can brighten your teeth in about an hour with a treatment at our Clinton, Township MI office. Or you can use custom-made whitening trays and professional-strength gel to whiten at home. 
  • Try a Fast Fix for Missing Teeth – While we can replace missing teeth with dental implants, you’ll likely require a healing period between receiving your implants and having them restored with replacement teeth. During this period, you can cover the gap in your teeth by wearing a Snap-On Smile, a custom mouthpiece that fits snugly over your teeth.
  • Make Your Smile Look a Lot Less Gummy – Does a heavy gumline overshadow your teeth? Instead of using a scalpel to reshape your gums, as many dentists do, Dr. Dobry uses electrosurgery, Since no stitches are needed, you’ll heal quickly and easily! 

While we can’t straighten a crooked smile in time for you to ring in 2022, it may be possible for you to show off a straight smile in time for 2023. That’s because many of our patients complete their treatment with Invisalign within 12 months. See us for an Invisalign consultation now. If you decide to proceed with treatment, ask about our special offer to save up to $750.

We’d love to help your smile shine for the holidays – or any time! Call us today at 586-210-6828.