During March 7-13, Dobry Dental will be celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week. We love our dental assistants, but it’s safe to say our patients like them even more! That’s because one of their main jobs is to make sure you stay comfortable during your time with us.

Adele has been helping our patients do just that for nearly 30 years. You might have met her that long ago when she started working here, or you might meet her soon at your exam or procedure. Regardless, she will welcome you warmly and do what she can to help you. That may include taking X-rays or helping Dr. Dobry with a procedure like tooth removal to make sure it goes smoothly.

If you’re here during Dental Assistants Recognition Week, be sure to tell Adele or your dental assistant that day that you appreciate them! To make an appointment soon with a team who treats you with respect, call our Clinton Township office at 586-210-6828, or fill out our online form.