We wholeheartedly believe that summer is the perfect time for addressing any imperfections in your smile. In fact, we’re hoping that the recent 4th of July holiday has motivated you to declare independence from the tyranny of living with the constant embarrassment of crooked, crowded or gapped teeth. If so, we can help you embark upon your journey of liberation. During your initial orthodontic consultation and examination, Dr. Dobry will discuss your options and help you decide on the best plan for your current needs. With any luck, you’ll be a good candidate for a short-term solution like Invisalign. Keep reading to hear more about the possibilities, and then be sure to call us at 586-210-6828 to request your visit.

Don’t Rule Out Braces

You might be thinking that you are now too old to do anything about the unruly situation in your mouth. We disagree. And regardless of your age or background, straight wire braces are the most viable method of treatment for many of our patients. The straight wire technique is an improvement over the classic metal braces that you may have seen others wear while growing up.

With this version there is a special memory wire along with preadjusted brackets designated for certain teeth. Once exact placement of the hardware has happened, the archwire pulls your teeth into better positions as it gradually returns to its regular shape.

The best part is that this archwire will not likely need any adjustments in between the periodic replacements that take place. This means a more brief treatment time and more consistent results in the end.

Do Consider Invisalign

You may have heard about the revolutionary system known as Invisalign. This program works differently than the other regular treatments. Rather than metal brackets and wires, there is no fixed hardware. The transformation unfolds simply by you wearing a series of clear plastic aligner trays that are each designed to make specific shifts in your smile.

Basically, you just keep switching them out every two weeks or so at home, which saves you the time and hassle of in-office tune-ups that many braces systems demand.

What’s more, you can take them out for eating meals, and executing your home hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, and rinsing. There won’t be any special tools to carry around or foods to avoid.

Invisalign clear aligners are also smooth and comfortable. There won’t be any poking or cutting of your soft tissues, and no mouth sores.

You do need to stick to the plan, however. If you wear them for 20+ hours per day as directed, you can expect to see amazing results in 12-18 months, rather than 2-3 long years. And while you are undergoing treatment, no one will have to know since the aligners are nearly invisible and very hard for outsiders to detect.

Start Your Treatment Right Away

If you are ready to take that proverbial first step toward a better-looking, healthier smile this summer, just call Dobry Dental in Clinton Township, MI at 586-210-6828 or fill out our online form for an orthodontic treatment consultation appointment.

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