Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But if you aren’t exactly in love with your smile, take heart, Dr. Dobry can work with you over the course of 2019 to transform your unruly collection of teeth into a much more gorgeous grin. You see, at Dobry Dental, our orthodontic treatments include Invisalign clear aligners, which only take about 12 months to straighten out the situation in your mouth. Plus, they can eliminate many of the hassles that go along with classic metal braces (which still work well, by the way, for certain patients).

Today’s video clip will tell you more about this modern orthodontic solution known as Invisalign. After you’ve finished watching, you can call Dobry Dental in Clinton Township, MI at 586-210-6828 or fill out our online form for your Invisalign clear aligners consultation appointment.