Keep Your Teeth & Gums Clean & Strong

Schedule your next dental cleaning and exam at Dobry Dental so we can help you maintain a healthy mouth and a bright, beautiful smile!

Dr. John Dobry and our experienced team have the training and technology to provide high-quality, comprehensive dental care for the whole family. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure your comfort so your appointments are relaxing and enjoyable.

If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, you will quickly discover that there’s nothing to fear when it comes to your treatment here, especially your routine dental checkups. These sessions are simple and straightforward, and they include:

  • Digital X-rays that give us a better look inside your mouth than traditional X-rays do
  • A visual exam where the hygienist looks over your teeth and gums carefully
  • An oral cancer screening
  • A dental cleaning where we remove plaque buildup, as well as floss and polish your teeth
  • A thorough exam by Dr. Dobry, where you can discuss any issues we find and possible treatment options to fix your smile

These appointments are so important, and one of the reasons for that is early intervention. They allow us to be proactive with your dental health, taking quick action when we discover problems or potential problems with your teeth and gums.

During a dental exam, for example, we may find evidence of gum disease. This means you will likely need to visit us more frequently for deep cleanings until we get the infection under control.

A clean bill of health, on the other hand, means you have flexibility moving forward to explore our cosmetic dentistry options to create a more beautiful smile. We offer treatments like teeth whitening, tooth bonding, custom veneers, and more!

When you come to us for all your dental cleanings and exams in Mt. Clemens, MI, you can take advantage of our experienced, top-notch care. Call us today at 586-210-6828 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment at Dobry Dental.