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If ever there was a dental boogeyman, it would be identified as the root canal. Just say the word and there is instant fear. People associate fear with root canals in Clinton Township because they are usually already in pain. An infected tooth hurts, but root canal therapy will actually alleviate that pain and restore your mouth to health. At Dobry Dental, we make the process even simpler:

  • We use rotary technology for a comfortable, faster root canal procedure.
  • The Wand® makes getting numb completely pain-free and anxiety-free.
  • Restore your tooth back to health with a beautiful, strong zirconia crown.

The root canal procedure is nothing to fear. In fact, we know that you will be pleasantly surprised once it is finished. See for yourself how easy root canal treatment can be. Call 586-210-6828 to set up an appointment with Dr. Dobry.

Relieve Your Toothache & Revive Your Smile

A toothache is typically the first sign that a root canal is needed. It is not the only sign, but it does help us better understand why patients fear this procedure. When you’re already in excruciating pain, any work is going to feel terrible! We combat this in a few ways.

First, we use rotary technology to clean the inside of your tooth. This instrument will remove the infected portion of your tooth as quickly and simply as possible. Patients tell us that the sensation is similar to having a cavity filled.

However, you won’t feel a thing thanks to The Wand®. Rather than using a syringe to apply numbing medication, we use The Wand. This painless numbing process is computer-controlled for the best possible result!

Never fear Clinton Township root canals again. Trust the staff at Dobry Dental to restore function to your mouth and give you back your smile. Call us today at 586-210-6828 or request an appointment right here on the website. We’re ready to help you get out of pain, so don’t wait.

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