Experience At-Home Teeth Whitening In St. Clair Shores

Dr. Dobry has been around long enough to know that not every smile is the same. As such, he offers two great teeth whitening options: in-office whitening with Zoom and at-home teeth whitening. So, if you live near St. Clair Shores, you get to choose the treatment that gives you the results you want, in the manner that makes the most sense for your current needs and budget.

Since most folks we know are simply too busy to stop for anything, at-home whitening can allow them to make a difference in their smile without adding to the pressure of scheduling more time away from other things. In fact, this route can provide results similar to what you’d get in our office, but you can actually whiten while you sleep. Talk about multi-tasking!

Here are a few other perks of home whitening trays:

  • Unique Fit – When you enlist the dentist to oversee the process, you get custom trays whether you’re whitening in the office or at home. Since the trays are made to fit your unique teeth snugly, they will distribute the whitening solution evenly and correctly for best possible results in the end.
  • Decreased Sensitivity – As with our in-office whitening, the home teeth whitening experience is formulated specifically to minimize tooth sensitivity. You see, that’s an all-too-common concern of patients who’ve tried store-bought whitening kits. And because the trays fit against your teeth, they keep the whitening off your gums and minimize damage and discomfort over there as well.
  • Professional-Grade Solution – Our home whitening solutions is less potent than our office whitening, it’s still much stronger than what you’d be able to buy in the store. You’ll enjoy real results after only just a few days. And by two weeks in, you should have the gorgeous grin you’re chasing after.

To utilize this smile makeover option before you get dental crowns or veneers, we will just have to match your crowns or veneers to your newly whitened teeth. We also have found that whitening is also a great touch after receiving Invisalign or some other orthodontic treatment.

So, if you need high-quality teeth whitening in St. Clair Shores, or any other dental treatment, call Dobry Dental at 586-210-6828 today. Dr. Dobry will help you get to where you most want to go.