Enjoy The Convenience Of At-Home Teeth Whitening In St. Clair Shores

After decades of caring for his patients, Dr. Dobry knows that one size does not fit all. That’s why he offers two teeth whitening options: in-office whitening with Zoom and at-home teeth whitening. In St. Clair Shores, you can choose whichever treatment will give you the results you want, when and how you want them.

We know that many of our patients are busy, so they often opt for at-home whitening. It can provide results similar to what you’d get in our office, but you can whiten while you sleep. There’s no extra time out of your day to get the bright smile you want and deserve.

Here are a few other benefits of home whitening trays:

  • Customized For Maximum Results – When you get whitening at the dentist, we create custom trays whether you’re whitening in the office or at home. Because the trays are designed to fit your teeth snugly, they will distribute the whitening solution evenly and correctly for best results.
  • Little To No Sensitivity – Like our office whitening, our home teeth whitening is formulated specifically to minimize tooth sensitivity. That’s a common complaint of patients who’ve tried store-bought whitening. In addition, because the trays fit against your teeth, they keep the whitening off your gums and minimize discomfort there too.
  • Concentrated Solution – Though the solution you find in our home whitening is less potent than our office whitening, it’s stronger than what you’d buy in the store. You’ll see results after just a few days. Two weeks later, you should have the gorgeous smile you desire.

If you’d like to use this cosmetic dentistry option before you get crowns or veneers, we can match your crowns or veneers to your newly whitened teeth. Whitening is also a great finishing touch after Invisalign or orthodontic treatment.

If you need teeth whitening in St. Clair Shores, or any other smile service, call Dobry Dental at 586-210-6828 today. Dr. Dobry will work closely with you to help you get the confident smile you want to see in the mirror.