Brighten Your Smile With Whitening In Utica

Dobry Dental wants to help you keep your pearly whites looking that way. We have a kind and knowledgeable team in place that is always ready to provide you with excellent smile care each and every time you enter our Utica office.

We have a large assortment of general, restorative, and family dental care, but we also provide custom-designed cosmetic makeover solutions including some wonderful teeth whitening treatments that can happen in our office or in the convenience of your own home!

When your yellow teeth are embarrassing, and you’re bummed about your wine-stained or otherwise discolored teeth, then you have come to the right place to embark upon your journey of smile transformation.

Here’s what you need to know: our Zoom! Advanced Power system is an in-office treatment that delivers fast results with a process that is always safe and effective, unlike those over-the-counter DIY products from the drugstore.

We also have take-home kits that are still directed by our Utica dental team and always involve properly fitting trays and professional-grade whitening materials with which you could complete your cosmetic treatment in the convenience of your own home and still enjoy an amazing-looking smile when it is all said and done.

When you’re looking for a great cosmetic dentist in Utica, visit Dobry Dental! Call us today at 586-210-6828 to request your safe and effective teeth whitening appointment.