Judy B.

I started to come in and see Dr. Dobry approximately 20 years ago. When I was going through chemo, I did have a lot of problems with my teeth. They would just break on their own, not even eating anything. So I had to have a lot of work done on my teeth because your teeth are bone, and chemo is very hard on bone. So till today, I still have issues with my teeth. Back then, I did have a lot of crowns put on because of the teeth that were breaking down. Dr. Dobry would get me in, his staff would get me in as soon as possible. There’s times I would leave work early just to get through that day, and they were always patient with me, and I’m just so grateful to have a dentist and his staff that are extremely caring. These are all mine in the front. So a lot of the work was done back here, but it’s just nice to eat again and chew on an apple and stuff like that, little things like that that you miss.
Coming to this office, it’s more than – you see the same girls all the time, and Dr. Dobry’s just, he treats you as a friend and not just in and out. Here, you’re part of a family here, and I wouldn’t think of going any place else. Absolutely not.

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