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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Clinton Township, MI

Repair damage to your smile with dental crowns and bridges in Clinton Township. The restorative work of Dr. John Dobry is among the best in the area. We pride ourselves on providing modern dental solutions that will improve the look and function of your smile.

A dental restoration at Dobry Dental does more than that, however. With our treatment, you can expect:

  • High-Quality Materials – Zirconia restorations are durable and stunning!
  • A Stronger Bite – An implant-supported bridge could be a better option for you than a traditional fixed bridge.
  • A Bright, Healthy Smile – We offer a variety of restorations to rebuild your smile and your bite according to your specific needs and goals.

Dr. Dobry and our team create lasting, functional, beautiful dental crowns and dental bridges. Call us today at 586-286-0790 to schedule an appointment.

Choose the Best Restorative Solution to Benefit Your Smile

From small problems to large, we offer dental restorations that improve the look and function of your teeth. We do this with zirconia restorations because they are:

  • Extremely strong and can better withstand biting forces
  • More translucent and will reflect light like your surrounding teeth

In addition to crowns and bridges, Dr. Dobry offers inlays and onlays. Similar to a filling, an inlay or onlay will fill a hole in your tooth. An inlay fits within the cusps of your tooth while an onlay may cover a portion of the outside of your tooth. They are custom-created to perfectly fit your tooth’s needs.

If you prefer a stronger option than a traditional bridge, consider an implant-supported bridge. Rather than attaching the bridge to your surrounding teeth using crowns, Dr. Dobry will attach the bridge directly to implants that have been placed in your jaw by an oral surgeon. This option is ideal whenever possible because it protects your healthy teeth and creates a more secure restoration.

The solution to your smile’s woes is right here at Dobry Dental. We know dental crowns and bridges in Clinton Township. Call 586-286-0790 right now to set up a consultation or appointment.

Common Questions

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Dental crowns are restorations that repair decayed, cracked, or broken teeth. A crown is designed to cap a tooth to bring back its appearance and function. Crowns can be combined to make dental bridges, which replace missing teeth. Implant-supported crowns also replace lost or extracted teeth. We make these restorations from zirconium.

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges Used For?

Crowns and bridges are made to revive the appearance of your smile and bring back your ability to bite and chew naturally. Crowns repair teeth that are broken, cracked, and decayed. Crowns can replace individual teeth when placed on dental implants. Bridges replace one or more missing teeth. They are built by fusing crowns together.

How Long Do Dental Crowns and Bridges Last?

With proper care, crowns and bridges can last for a decade or longer. In fact, it’s not unusual for these restorations to last for 20 years or more. Over time, the adhesives used to bond these restorations to teeth can wear down. This can allow the restorations to come loose. Tooth decay also can affect the life span of crowns and bridges.

How much do dental crowns and bridges cost?

Your individual cost for crowns and bridges can vary widely, depending on your needs and treatment plan. Placing a single crown is less expensive than filling in a smile gap with a bridge consisting of several replacement teeth. Our team will be happy to cover all the details in full during a consultation and answer any questions you have about your treatment.

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“Every time I come here, it’s never painful. I’m afraid of the dentist, but with him, I’m not, because I never have endured any type of pain through any work that I’ve had done.”


“Dr. Dobry is extremely knowledgeable, and he’s provided a number of procedures that were effective. He’s given me some options that were cost-effective as well.”


“Excellent office staff who were both friendly and professional!! The Dentist and the Dental hygienist were both very nice and explained everything. I’m usually very nervous to go to the dentist, but I was comfortable as soon as I walked in! I would highly recommend this office.”


“This place is awesome! I just moved to the area and couldn’t be happier. From reception, to dental assistants, to Dr Dobry himself…everyone is extremely friendly and professional.”


“Amazing dentist and staff who treat you like family! Been going here since I was a little kid and just recently got a veneer, which turned out beautiful. I’d recommend Dr. Dobry for anyone who wants a dentist who truly cares about his patients :)”


“Very friendly staff and also very kind. They took their time in explaining what procedures they were doing and what needed to be done. Great place definitely!! I highly recommend”


“Always clean, friendly, and prompt service. I have been going to this place for the last 5 years, always have had a good experience here!”


“Went in with 2 throbbing teeth ready to be removed. One hour later they were gone. Four days later feeling much better. Thanks for helping. Good job.”


“I enjoy going to Dr Dobry , he and his staff are very courteous , they always get you in promptly and there is never a long wait. My husband and family also enjoy seeing him as well.”

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