Eat What You Want With Dental Restorations in Clinton Township

You should be able to enjoy all the great-tasting foods whenever you feel like it. If you can’t, Dobry Dental can make it easier to bite and chew using our Clinton Township dental restorations. Dr. John A. Dobry and our team can help you:

  • Open up new menu options when dining out
  • Make mealtimes more enjoyable
  • Gain a beautiful smile that others will notice
  • Improve your oral health and prevent future problems
  • Make talking easier so you can be understood clearly

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Yes, It’s Possible to Enjoy Mealtimes Again

You already understand how challenging life can be when you don’t have a full set of functional teeth. Besides causing pain, missing and damaged teeth make it hard to enjoy your food. Dobry Dental provides several restorative services to give you back your bite and make your smile more attractive at the same time. During your consultation, we’ll take digital X-rays and help you decide the best treatments for your situation, including:

  • Dental Crowns and Bridges – A crown will cap and protect a damaged tooth, or we can secure it to a dental implant to create a strong, long-lasting replacement tooth. Conventional fixed bridges replace missing teeth by anchoring to your natural teeth, while implant-supported bridges attach to two or more dental implants and replace several teeth in a row. Either option can help you eat the foods you love again.
  • Dentures – Conventional dentures or implant-retained dentures can replace missing teeth. Implant dentures will give you a more comfortable and stable fit over standard dentures. With implants, you can also enjoy all the benefits of a palateless upper denture, which means you can taste each delicious bite of food!
  • Root Canals – Dr. Dobry can stop the pain from a badly diseased or damaged tooth and save the tooth with this procedure. You’ll soon enjoy biting and chewing comfortably again.
  • Tooth Fillings – A tooth-colored composite filling will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile for a beautiful look.

Savor your food again! Call us at 586-210-6828 today to find out more about our Clinton Township dental restorations.