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Everyone wants to have the best looking smile possible. If you have crooked and uneven teeth, it’s difficult to smile with confidence and create positive first impressions. However, Dr. Dobry can give you a gorgeous set of evenly aligned teeth! At Dobry Dental in Clinton Township, orthodontics can:

  • Straighten your teeth so you can take pride in your smile.
  • Improve your overall self-esteem.
  • Give you a new look with a choice of treatment options suited to your needs.
  • Help you gain more respect in your professional life.
  • Make social interactions more comfortable and pleasant.
  • Help you maintain better oral hygiene.
  • Prevent long-term problems with your teeth and jaws.

Get started on your new smile soon. Call us today to schedule your orthodontics consultation: 586-210-6828. We’re located across the road from Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township.

Feel Good About Your Smile

Orthodontics is one of Dobry Dental’s premier cosmetic services. Our team has teeth straightening solutions for everyone – adults, teens, and children. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your situation is, we can help you get a straight, aesthetically pleasing new smile.

We understand that there are many types of smiles out there, each with unique needs, so we don’t offer just one kind of orthodontic treatment. During your initial consultation and examination, Dr. Dobry will discuss your options and help you decide on the right choice.

Straight wire braces are the best method for many of our patients. The straight wire technique is an improvement over the standard metal braces that you may be most familiar with. It uses a special “memory wire” along with preadjusted brackets designated for specific teeth. After precise placement of the hardware, the archwire pulls your teeth into their proper positions as it gradually returns to its normal shape.

The archwire will require little or no adjustment in between periodic replacements. The result for you is shorter overall treatment time and more consistent results.

For patients who want a more discreet and comfortable type of orthodontics, Invisalign offers unparalleled benefits. These smooth, plastic teeth aligners slide into place over your teeth, gently straightening them over a period of months rather than years.

Since the aligners are clear, they are almost invisible. Others may not notice them at all unless you point them out. Adults and teens alike enjoy that they can straighten their teeth without any metal in their mouths.

Plus, Invisalign patients love that they can remove their aligners for special events. Just pop them out and put them back in when you get home. Wear them for about 22 hours each day during your treatment, and in as little as 12 months you could have a gorgeous new smile.

With Dr. Dobry’s orthodontics expertise, you’ll soon take pride in having a dazzling, straight smile! Call us today to schedule your consultation: 586-210-6828.

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